EARTH Pipeline Services is a full-service right-of-way land brokerage and construction company.

We are oil and gas midstream specialists with a focus on right-of-way acquisition and landowner specific construction services. With our unique combined services and streamlined approach, EARTH is dedicated to serving our clients and landowners from acquisition to reclamation with a vested interest in the state of the environment.

We are at our best when we combine route development and right-of-way acquisition with what we call the landowner specific construction services of tree clearing and reclamation. In other words, we build relationships with landowners throughout the acquisition phase that allows us to be the most knowledgeable, safe, and efficient stakeholders to complete not only the right-of-way acquisition but the construction items that have a direct impact on landowners. We make sure we clear trees and reclaim property correctly because we are the ones that have to look landowners in the eyes and shake their hands when the project is complete.

We have proven to be successful offering our land and construction services independent of each other; the same knowledge we bring to our combined services helps us produce at a high level with each individual service standing on its own.

Land Services

Our Project Delivery Team assures that the efforts of Land, Environmental, Engineering, and Survey are collectively focused and working in unison to route, acquire, permit and deliver to you a complete project package. The amount of downtime, miscommunication, and redundancy of work reduced by our Complete Pipeline Development leads to more productive services and cost-effective projects. Please contact us to see how our Complete Pipeline Development strategy can help you with your next project.

Project Management | Pipeline Routing | Acquisition | Title | Permitting

Construction Services

From the ground up, starting with our clearing crews, through pipeline installation, and final reclamation, our construction experience and flexible construction workforce allows us the ability to accurately set expectations and follow through with meeting those expectations. EARTH is cognitive of the importance of returning the environment back to its original condition. From the implementation and execution of erosion and sediment control plans, to the re-vegetation of the disturbed areas, we work hard to implement the best management practices in order to protect our surrounding habitat, features, and fellow landowners.

Project Management | Timber Clearing | Timber Mats | Drain Tile | Reclamation | Fencing | Environmental Controls | Site Grading

Strategic Partner Services

Pipeline Installation | Horizontal Directional Drilling

Track Your Project

Starting from Land through Construction

What differentiates EARTH from other companies? Our Nexus Online system allows us the ability to integrate route development and landowner status in real-time. This aids in the efficiency of right-of-way acquisition by eliminating duplicate and/or unnecessary landowner negotiations.


EARTH bridges the gap between Land Services and Construction Projects.

As a land company with construction experience, and a construction company with a land background, EARTH is able to convert our relationships with landowners into a streamlined construction workflow that allows us to not only lower the overall project costs, but also lower the overall project exposure and risk for all stakeholders.

Project delays are the largest consumer of time and money. However at EARTH, we are dedicated to minimizing lost time by relying on our industry knowledge, experience with landowners, and understanding of permits before making any decisions that could cause our clients costly time and money. EARTH develops a scope and plan based on environmental agency standards, including local, state, and federal authorities, and we pride ourselves in meeting and exceeding those standards.

EARTH’S Strengths – Project Management, Routing, Acquisition, Clearing, E&S Installation, Reclamation

The advantage of being a stand-alone provider is that communication is streamlined, which leads to quicker project turnaround time. This allows EARTH to set a project schedule that works most effectively and efficiently. Though, regardless of a large- or small-scale size project, EARTH also works hand in hand with all stakeholders on the land and construction side to provide flexibility to our clients. Cohesion is extremely important when you look at any project from a high-level. Instead of taking on more than what we know we can successfully achieve, EARTH acknowledges that some projects are too complex for one single entity. While other companies may see competition, EARTH sees collaboration. We assure clients success by working with companies and individuals who are highly skilled and experienced in the required, specific areas. Collaborating allows EARTH to work with multiple companies who offer similar services across different regions, which in turn, saves our clients valuable time and money.


  1. Evaluate project scope.
  2. Consider factors including, but not limited to: in-service date, permit restrictions, geographic region, local market, topography, climate, and potential environmental habitat.
  3. Determine key milestone completion dates – acquisition, routing, surveying, environmental reviews, permit submittal, and construction time.
  4. Schedule appropriate services to be performed.

The Process

A land acquisition company specializing in Complete Pipeline Development.

  • Project Management

    Dedicated full-time project management by an experienced professional suited for the task at hand. Individually picked and trained to help manage budgets and schedules, our managers are required to balance and direct the efforts of the separate disciplines needed for project completion. Responsibilities include: developing and advancing pipeline routing, acquiring and recording of permits and agreements, research and examination of ownership report and surface encumbrances, and producing dynamic and real-time reports of overall project progress. With experience in simple and complex projects, our management system is refined and conditioned to produce excellent results regardless of project obstacles.

    Real-time reporting | Scope Refinement | Tailored RFQs and RFPs | Milestone Scheduling | Staffing

  • Acquisition

    The back-bone of EARTH, midstream acquisition continues to be at the fore-front of our success. Regardless of project obstacles, EARTH’s team of contractors pride themselves in continually meeting client deadlines. With years of experience in land owner negotiations, we make certain that both the client and the landowners are thoroughly satisfied with our professionalism and end product

    Right-of-Way | Staging & Pipe Yards | Facility Sites| Power Lines | Damage Releases | Water Sources, Impounds, and Lines | Well sites

  • Title

    The importance of an accurate title is not overlooked at EARTH. Our title guidelines and procedures are tailored to the scope of work requested, and we pride ourselves on delivering a final product you can rely on. The diligence of our run sheets, deed plots, and surface encumbrances help dictate a more feasible and efficient end product. Our deed plots are fully integrated into our GIS mapping, pipeline routing, and decision making process. Title requirements are designed to ensure project completion and eliminate potential risks to deadlines and schedules.

    Ownership Reports | Surface & Full Title | Run Sheets| Surface Encumbrances | Deed Plots

  • Permitting

    Regardless of the project scope, entire schedules can be shifted depending on permit thresholds and review time. Our routing, acquisition, and milestones are developed with both your goals and permit impacts in mind. Having professionals educated in all facets of permitting allows for dynamic routing and negotiations on the ground-level. Our professionals have the communication skills necessary to work hand in hand with the civil engineers, environmental scientists, and archeologists geologists alike to sustain the forecasted schedule and meet the permit requirements.

    Wetland Delineation | Environmental Permits | SHPO | Erosion & Sediment Control | Roadways| Railroad | Foreign Easements

  • Survey

    We at EARTH understand the importance that survey plays in a successful and smooth project. The details of land characterization, property boundaries, and existing features play an important role in determining the pipeline route. Proper identification in the initial routing phase saves valuable time throughout acquisition and helps minimize downtime during construction. EARTH has worked hard in the past to ensure that survey is utilized in such a manner to increase project efficiency while decreasing overall project risks and subsequent costs.

    Alignment Sheets | As-built | Boundary Survey | Property Characterization | LOD Staking

  • Construction

    EARTH's construction team work tirelessly to safely meet the standards set by the client and us. We recognize the fact that no two landowners are the same, and make it a point to satisfy their expectations while staying within our clients’ guidelines. Regardless of project size, EARTH has demonstrated the willingness to put in the extra time and care needed to produce a quality final product.

    Project Management | Timber Clearing | Timber Mats | Drain Tile | Reclamation | Fencing | Environmental Controls | Site Grading

    Strategic Partner Services

    Pipeline Installation | Horizontal Directional Drilling


EARTH remains conscious and committed to our care of the environment.

At EARTH, we pride ourselves on being conscious of our environment and its state pre-project planning. Through route development and other eco-friendly practices, we are able to care for our environment and work hard to return it back to its pristine state.


Though headquartered in Southpointe, PA, EARTH’s home is wherever YOU are.

Before breaking ground, EARTH mobilizes to address project needs and the needs of the community we are working in. Our company, employees, and contractors understand the specialized requirements of each project, and are mindful of each landowner’s unique needs. We not only transition to live and work in the community, but we take pride in participating in several local charities, events, and non-profits of the community with monetary and fundraising support. EARTH is not limited to the Pittsburgh metropolitan area, but rather, our home is where our projects are.

Meet Us

our experienced leadership team promises consistent results for successful project completion.

Joshua Roberts

Owner & Managing Director of Land Services

Tanner Bechtel

Owner & Managing Director of Land Services

Joshua Roberts and Tanner Bechtel have collectively over thirty years of experience in the land and construction industry. While successfully completing hundreds of miles of projects throughout the north east, they are always excited about the next play and new challenge. If interested in meeting with them or hearing more, please contact via a method below.